Welcome to my tiny interwebs empire.

Looking for a site I may have referenced recently? Here’s a list.

This WordPress-powered retro site is mostly a gateway to where I write the most, which is my Micro.blog-powered site. I love and highly recommend Micro.blog, but as simple and straightforward as it is as a blogging and hosting platform, trying to create a separate “front page” like this was too much of a challenge with my existing setup. So, until I have enough coding savvy or whatever to make it happen under one domain, I’m duct-taping a solution from this corner of the interwebs to the other.

My mother in her garden. Trowel in hand planting tulips. Secateurs in hand snipping at roses. Weeding, weeding. Teaching me the names of the flowers. But mostly I remember her just quietly, happily, brooding over it all, alone in the half dark.

C.R. Milne

The “digital garden” approach to personal sites is all the rage, apparently. I’m all for it, but I’m a terrible gardener.

So, welcome to my digital sandbox (in the playground sense, not the cat sense — although some might beg to differ). Or, as our hard-coding HTML ancestors once called it, a “home page.”

If you’re looking for the standard reverse-chronological, stream-of-consciousness brain dump that is the blog, you’ll find it here on my Micro.blog-powered site. It’s a basic online diary mishmosh: part microblog, part photo blog, part collection of ruminations. (The “About This Site” page on the blog, created well before I ever heard of digital gardens, echoes much of the sensibility behind the online gardening idea.)

I also began a Now page here with updates on whatever projects or obsessions I have going. But here’s what I write about the most lately:

  • My artwork: After completing the Index-Card-a-Day challenge this year (also known as ICAD 2021), I kind of went off the rails with my nascent practice of creating art every day. I still don’t have a set routine or even a regular surface (Index card? Artist tile? Inchie?) or medium (Collage? Markers and illustrator pens? Paint?), which is less of an issue than just doing it. Trying to develop this habit without feeling pressured or like an abject failure if I skip a day or two.
  • Low-carb living: (I’ve been off with regular posting on this; maybe I’m sick of writing about it.) I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds 53 pounds so far since January under a doctor’s supervision; I have 30 pounds to go to hit my initial weight-loss goal, and then we’ll see if I can get well past that. No surgery involved. I’m limited to 100 grams of carbohydrate a day, plus I’m on a couple of medications and generally eating more vegetation. There’s more to it than that, and I need to be more active. But I’m getting results, slowly but surely, and I’m generally feeling better with more energy.

Also, I post about other things I care about, particularly my Catholic faith and baseball. (And unless the Padres are playing the Cardinals, the two topics generally don’t intersect.)

I do get more personal at times. My mom passed away recently; I’ve talked about that a bit. And I might vent in short bursts occasionallyt. But I generally avoid getting too deeply personal online; I have analog journals for that kind of thing.

Right now, this page is a work in progress. It probably always will be. I’m just pretty excited to have this space — a room addition for the sandbox, as it were — to play with.